We make the customer’s life easier by offering increasingly convenient and complete solutions.

DEN Group operates in the Multifunctional Premises, Homes and Services sectors, where it is a leader in selected segments and has a diverse portfolio of services.

Strategic Cornerstones

Profitable growth

DEN Group has grown strongly, and in 2017 its turnover and adjusted EBITDA nearly doubled. The goal is to continue on a growth path and to improve profitability.

The business areas of DEN are Multifunctional Premises, Homes, and Services, in which DEN is the leading player in selected segments, offering a comprehensive product portfolio. DEN operates in market segments which offer growth potential. Customers expect increasingly advanced and convenient home- and space-related solutions, and they need multifunctional premises for business, recreational, and leisure purposes.

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Changes in the business environment

Urbanization and continual migration, users’ unique individual needs and striving for increasingly convenient and risk-free life, well-being, ecologic sustainability and sustainable development open up new opportunities for growth. DEN is a courageous pioneer, always desiring to learn and improve, and it has already undertaken to respond to changes in the business environment in new ways and in such a manner that makes the customer’s life easier and provides the customer with added value.

The most satisfied customers

The customer is at the core of DEN’s strategy. Customers’ and users’ needs are always our top priority. We are easily approachable, service-oriented professionals. Our aim is to make it as easy and risk-free as possible for the buyer of a home or space to create their ideal space. DEN is the easiest way to make your dreams come true!

The most comprehensive and innovative services

DEN Group serves the customer in a comprehensive way when it comes to finding unique individual solutions related to living, working, and free time. The brands of DEN Group offer an extensive and constantly improving range of products and services on designing homes and multifunctional premises, construction, technical building services, usage, renting, and life cycle services. In practice, this means increasingly complete delivery contents, several brands meeting various individual needs and preferences, and service and product offering ranging from plot acquisition to building maintenance.

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Efficient total execution  

We strive to operational excellence in order to deliver our customers an outcome of high quality, utilizing our efficient total execution process. DEN has an efficient and quality implementation organization, from planning to own production facilities, to own technical building systems services and earthworks, which means the entire implementation is in our own hands, complemented by our established partners. People at DEN are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of their work, and we are a leader also in improving workplace safety.

Being a forerunner

The evolution of the DEN concept is the story of its dynamic brands, characterized throughout the years by the visionary intuition of brave entrepreneurs, market-changing innovative thinking, and open-minded utilization of the latest technology. We aim to better the society by offering new living and work-related solutions, and we work together with our customers to support them in the biggest investments they make, in their own homes or business premises. We will strive to be the forerunner also in the future, exceeding the typical expectations of customers.

The best place to work

DEN operates in a dynamic yet informal way. People at DEN are energetic, fast, and agile team players who support and appreciate one another. We at DEN work with projects that really matter and that are among the biggest investments in the lives of our customers. DEN is eager to constantly learn and improve, and it also wants to support sustainable development.