Building a better life – one space at a time

DEN Homes business is formed by the pioneering move-in-ready house manufacturer Designtalo, Finnlamelli that makes the best and natural laminated log houses, Ainoakoti, which is a joint house brand of DEN and K-Rauta chain, and building services engineering and installation services. Premises business comprises of Talliosake multifunctional premises in Finland and Talli in Sweden.

Elements of our strategy for 2021–2025:

Spaces for dreaming – and dreams to come true

DEN has an established position as the market leader and pioneer of move-in-ready wooden and log homes, as well as unique multifunctional premises. It is time to move to the next phase in growth and evolution.

Our purpose is to fulfil dreams one space at a time.

We are committed to develop products and services that make life and activities easier and nicer within the units provided by us. Our Homes and Premises businesses will serve our customers in diverse space-related needs longer and more comprehensively, during the entire unit lifecycle.

Our transformation journey takes us from engineering and building houses to supplying a range of services adding value and ease to living and using the space – and ultimately to genuine caretaking, making people happy and servicing purposefully throughout the lifecycle.

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Trends that change the world – and us

Several megatrends affect us, too. Demographic changes include for instance urbanization and ageing population requiring services that make living in, and using of spaces easy. What remains the same is the people’s desire to live in single-family houses.

Climate change must be addressed to not only in the design of houses and premises but also in everything we do, throughout the production chain.

Scarcity of resources affects raw materials, energy, and workforce. Therefore, we always work towards maximum productivity, efficiency and quality.

Digitalization adds new technology to everyone’s life – and to houses and premises. Within the company, it also means amplified steering of operations with more data and knowledge, hence also helping us to reach the best, most sustainable results.

Aiming at the very best customer experience

We want that dealing with us is easier, more fun and faster than with anyone ever. We want to be the #1 choice of customers, and prove worthy of their trust.

The most wanted partner

We want to work as in a win-win ecosystem with our trusted partners, developing the best solutions together with them whilst creating added value for all parties: to customers, partners, and us alike.


Sustainability has always been at our core. As the leading company of our industry, we feel that we are both obligated and in good position to gain something very special in this area. We are accelerating the change of the industry towards full carbon neutrality.

We are committed to develop sustainability in all our operations, partnerships and products.

Workplace of inspiring culture

Without its people and a shared culture, a company is hollow. Therefore, we will invest ever more in people and the inspiring leadership.

Our strong values steer us in our everyday work and behavior towards each others, customer and others. Our target is no less than a top-range employee experience. It makes us a wanted employer, which, in turn, reflects in positive interactions with our customers and cooperation partners.