DEN Group = Multifunctional Premises + Homes + Services

DEN Group brings together a special group of companies and people with a shared goal. This goal is to serve the customers in a comprehensive way in their unique individual dreams related to living, working, and free time. DEN offers an extensive and constantly improving range of products and services covering the design, building, renting, and life cycle services of homes and spaces.

Our refined execution process ensures a high-quality outcome for our customers. From planning and our own production facilities in Nivala and Alajärvi, Finland, to own DEN Tekniikka providing technical building systems services, the entire implementation process is in our own hands, complemented by our selected partners.

The DEN Group offering consists of multifunctional premises, homes, and services. We ensure, for example, agile deliveries of flexible multifunctional premises as well as an effortless and convenient way of acquiring your own turnkey home. In order to make everything easier for the customer, DEN offers a single contract at a fixed price, covering a complete package from planning to building a turnkey single-family home.   

Multifunctional Premises

Multifunctional Premises equal Talliosake, a provider of solutions for flexible and multifunctional premises, and the market leader in its branch in Finland. Talliosake has created a unique concept for businesses, consumers, and investors. The premises serve their users as business premises, recreational space, storages, and investment objects. Talliosake is also a registered broker of rental apartments that helps the investor in determining the appropriate level of rent charged and in finding a suitable tenant. The first construction projects in Sweden based on the Talliosake concept were launched in 2018.


We take great pride in our home brands Designtalo, Finnlamelli, and the shared Ainoakoti brand in cooperation with K-Rauta chain. DEN Group is the market leader in turnkey single-family homes in Finland. Designtalo is a pioneer and trendsetter in turnkey, tailor-made single-family homes in Finland. Finnlamelli is a leading international developer of laminated log technology and provider of turnkey log houses.

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DEN Group’s homes and multifunctional premises are complemented by own HVAC and electrical unit called DEN Tekniikka, who engineer and implement building services in our projects.

Innovative spirit and courageous entrepreneurship

The strength of the DEN concept is the story of its dynamic brands, characterized throughout the years by the visionary intuition of brave entrepreneurs, market-changing innovative thinking, and open-minded utilization of the latest technology. 



Pohjolan Design-Talo was established in 1989. The company identified the trends in the market and the changing needs of consumers. It rose to the position of a leading developer of the turnkey concept, which helped it achieve market leadership in the fastest-growing segment, single-family homes. 

Designtalo is a pioneer in improving the energy efficiency of single-family homes. In 2011, the company obtained Passive House Certification for its Housing Fair house. Three years later, in 2014, Designtalo built its first nearly zero-energy home. In 2019, Designtalo pioneered in introducing the first keyless, fully turnkey home range.



Finnlamelli, established in 1995, has its roots in the long tradition and expertise of Finnish sawmill and log house industries. By utilizing this know-how, the company rose to the position of a leading developer of ecological log house construction and laminated log technology in both the domestic and international markets. Approximately a fifth of Finnlamelli’s production is exported, the main export markets being Japan, Russia, and the United States.



Talliosake identified the need caused by the changing society and created a fast-growing offering of functional and flexibles premises to respond to the demand from companies, consumers, and municipalities desiring to become more attractive locations. Talliosake multifunctional premises are also an interesting option for real estate investors looking for alternatives to investing in residential buildings. Talliosake was launched in Sweden in 2018.