DEN Group’s English Annual Report is available – good result for 2020

Finnish-based DEN Group Oy continued its wide business and group function development program, initiated in 2019, with excellent outcomes. Thanks to systematic development, the Group EBITDA rose to 15.1 million euro from 4.6 million previous year. The domestic market share of DEN’s Home brands – Designtalo, Finnlamelli and Ainoakoti – totalled to 19.3%, making DEN the leading house provider in Finland.

Net sales decreased slightly to 174 million euro (178 MEUR in 2019). Nearly 600 single-family houses were built. Talliosake completed 20 sites of multifunctional premises in Finland and four in Sweden. Exports accounted for 16% of Finnlamelli’s total revenue with biggest markets in Japan, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were moderate. Construction and production continued normally in spite of the coronavirus and travel restrictions. Good safety performance continued with year-end LTI (Lost Time Incident) frequency being 10.3 at the year’s end, while the common LTI among Finnish house construction was 17.

Our full Annual Report is available here »