Finnlamelli invests over 1 million euros in its Alajärvi log house factory

Finnlamelli Oy, one of the leading Finnish log house manufacturers, is about to invest 1.2 million euros in the production modernization at its Alajärvi laminated log factory. The company is going to revamp the finger-joint line at its factory during the year 2018.

According to CEO Markku Uotinen of Finnlamelli Oy, the investment is going to raise the production capacity of the factory by tens of percent.

– The reasons behind the investment are market trends that are favorable for our log house production. Our expertise in industrial log house manufacturing is at the forefront of our industry, and we are at the heart of the trends of sustainability, ecological construction, and healthy living. The prospects in the export markets are promising. In addition to the growth of our production volume, also the ecological level of our production, our shift towards turnkey log house deliveries, and increasingly flexible delivery contents respond to the needs of today’s customers, and add value to our deliveries, explains Uotinen.

Approximately 30 percent of Finnlamelli’s production goes to export, and the main export markets include Japan, Russia, and the United States. The company believes there will be growth potential for log house exports also in the Baltic Sea region as well as in China.

As part of the investment, the finger-joint machine and the production line of the factory will be replaced and the production building will also be renovated. The new production line will be in use for the first time at the beginning of 2019.

Replacing the old production line with its technology dating back to the late 1990s and early 2000s is going to improve delivery reliability, and it will reduce the risk of production stoppages in the production of laminated logs, the main product of the factory. The modern jointing technique provides a competitive advantage in terms of quality, and it is more advanced than the old one also from a work safety perspective.

Finnlamelli Oy is a part of DEN Group Oy.


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Finnlamelli Oy belongs to DEN Group. It is a significant developer of laminated log technology and one of the pioneers in ecological single-family homes. The company delivers log houses, holiday homes, and public buildings. Its laminated log factory is located in Alajärvi. Approximately 30 percent of Finnlamelli’s turnover is exported to other countries.