DEN Finland remains the top choice for construction companies involved in housing company projects

DEN is renowned for its top-of-the-line single-family homes, but in recent years it has increased its presence in public and B2B projects. DEN has been contracted to build various buildings, such as day care centres, schools, restaurants, and even entire housing companies.

Puronsointu Oy, a construction company in the Helsinki region, will work together with DEN on a B2B project that includes two single-family houses and one semi-detached house. The project is slated to begin in September, with other joint projects already in the works. The construction company KodikasKoti Espoo Oy has also implemented 13 joint construction projects together with DEN.

DEN is a financially stable partner

DEN’s corporate clients appreciate its long history, sterling reputation, reliability, fast turnaround times, comprehensive turnkey solutions and, above all, solid financial stability.

For a long time now, the construction industry has faced turbulent times caused by market instability, rising interest rates, and inflation. DEN Finland, however, has managed to adjust its operations and even improve its profitability, further strengthening its position in the market.

Puronsointu Oy CEO Tony Hagelberg says that he has worked with several Finnish housing builders, and that DEN stands out in more ways than one.

– You can’t avoid problems in the construction business, but it’s how you handle them that counts. A big part of why we chose DEN is that they never try to hide any issues but instead tackle them head-on, and quickly. I’ve been very happy with DEN, as they’ve proven to be an agile partner, despite their sizeable presence.

Fitting an entire project under a single contract

According to Harri Ruokonen, DEN’s Head of Sales for Professional Construction, DEN’s corporate clients place a great deal of value on DEN’s turnkey services:

– Our strength lies in the fact that, apart from earthworks, we can provide everything we do under a single contract. Our clients value the fact that they don’t have to sign several contracts with different providers and then make sure that they complete their work in the right order and on time. One contract is all they need. Our clients also appreciate how we can provide them with all the necessary drawings for their plots and sites, right at the start of each project.

Tony Hagelberg is one of those clients who praise DEN’s one-contract services.

– DEN may not be the most inexpensive option, but in this economic climate, it’s important to know that our worksite isn’t packed with dozens of different contractors and that DEN truly does provide its services on a turnkey principle. Plus, you save more in the long run, since you can save the time that you’d have wasted on managing contractors and use it on something more productive.

Hagelberg also wishes to compliment DEN’s showroom, which is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as it allows customers to go and choose the materials they want to see in their new homes.

– Customer changes are typically a really laborious part of the construction process, but with DEN, we don’t have to spend any of our time on them.

“The houses were completed without any issues, and we’re very happy with our collaboration”

To date, KodikasKoti Espoo has enlisted DEN to construct 13 houses, and the company’s CEO Maria Trofimova has been very happy with their collaboration.

– DEN has a great team of professionals at every level of the process: sales, project management, and insurance. Our needs were met quickly, and DEN provided us with exemplary support. DEN’s strengths include the quality of its construction work, its reliable delivery times, the respect its brand has earned on the market, as well as its excellent price-to-quality ratio, reliable organisation, customer-oriented approach, and overall willingness to act as a long-term partner for its clients.


We at DEN do responsible and sustainable work on the biggest purchases in our customers’ lives

DEN is a Finnish company whose roots in single-family house construction go back more than 30 years. We are guided by our mutual values: appreciation, courage, sustainability and happiness. The group employs over 400 professionals.

DEN consists of Designtalo, a pioneer in turnkey single-family houses; Finnlamelli, provider of the best natural log houses; and Ainoakoti, our collaborative collection with K-Rauta. For more information, visit